La Salle University is an autonomous university, the center of excellence in Southern Philippines and accessible to all especially the poor and youth-at-risk.


To realize this Vision, we commit ourselves to:

    1. recruiting and retaining highly qualified faculty and staff;
    2. providing a learner-centered education committed to life-long learning;
    3. generating new knowledge to address the needs of the community, church and society; and
    4. producing Lasallians who have the spirit of faith, zeal for service, and communion in mission.

Mission Statement of the Lasallian Family in the Philippines

Declaration of Mission

Inflamed by God's fire, the Holy Spirit, we declare our commitment to the following mission:

We shall create and live as evangelizing communities animated by faith and zeal, committed to the establishment of a just and humane Philippine society.

We shall discover and initiate ways to make the benefits of a human and Christian education more accessible to the underprivileged and marginalized sector at home and in our missions abroad.

We shall constantly re-examine and renew our educational thrust in ways that will better promote the Lasallian educational philosophy that integrates evangelization and human formation.


In all these, we, together and by association, dedicate our life and work to God, who alone guarantees the fulfillment of our Lasallian dream.